iPhone Pro 2019 | Apple’s Foldable iPhone | Flexible Display Concept


It’s just an apple

Apple’s new stars iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs Max have just been announced, what’s next? An Apple’s Foldable iPhone! The iPhone Pro lifts the standard to a completely different dimension. The combination of state-of-the-art flexible displays and rigid hinge structures, and fine fettles can help you realize your ambitious ideas anywhere, faster than ever. It’s a dream that everybody’s ever looked at, an iPhone Pro, and it’s become a reality. 🙂 Now the future faces you completely. Seong Jun Park This iPhone Pro Flexible Display concept was designed and created by designer Seong Jun Park.

This info is based on leaks and rumors, 🙂 we do not guarantee it to be 100% accurate, pictures in the video are for information purposes and does not have to show an identical or official product.

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