SAMSUNG Galaxy O Oxygen 2019 Comes with a Sliding Display and a QWERTY Keyboard


Samsung Galaxy Oxygen 2019

Samsung Galaxy O Oxygen is designed with user comfort in mind. Integrated with a sliding ‘Royole’ screen, the smartphone reveals a second display that offers access to an QWERTY keyboard. This makes lengthy chats or messages simple to type out, while also enhancing the overall experience to feel less constrained by a single screen.

Samsung Oxygen is equipped with the triple-lens camera system in the sliding screen portion that works to protect it between uses and keep the aesthetic of the device looking trim. The front of the device features a curved display, fingerprint scanner embedded onto the screen, led notification alert, ear speaker and sensors which are embedded under the screens. There is also a physical button, when pushed, it will eject the top display. The button is placed inside the body of the phone. That way you can not eject the front display by accident.

The back of Samsung Oxygen features clean and minimalist design and a removable 5,000mAh battery. Samsung Galaxy O Oxygen 2019 Concept Designed by Hege and Michael Muleba.

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