SAMSUNG Galaxy A10 pro 2019 New Infinity O Display Series


New Infinity

SAMSUNG Galaxy A10 pro 2019 New Infinity O Display Series. There are rumors that before the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 passes to smartphone that if you carry out a revolution of new Galaxy Infinity O display series, it will probably be the new Samsung Galaxy A10 pro. 🙂 Of course, it comes with a weaker specification than the flagship Galaxy S10. The new Galaxy A10 pro rumors say it comes with some advanced features that Samsung has not yet demonstrated, which is the new Infinity-O display with a new “O” design of the centrally located selfie camera cut into the screen itself, and there is also a built-in fingerprint sensor. Although they are all just rumors for now and we need to take them with a dose of disbelief. To see the Galaxy A10 pro design, as well as its imaginative specification, you can see in this conceptual video above. Concept was conceived and designed by designer by Dusan Djokic.

This info is based on the leaks and rumors, 🙂 we do not guarantee it to be 100% accurate, images in the video are for information purposes and do not have to show an identical or official product.

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